First blog post-ISTE Standards for Teachers

Hi Everyone,

I decided to create a google presentation for my first blog, ISTE Standards for Teachers.

Follow the link;


8 thoughts on “First blog post-ISTE Standards for Teachers

  1. To respond to the question at the end of your PowerPoint presentation, I don’t think technology will devolve teachers either in the sense of causing teaching to deteriorate or in the sense of making teachers obsolete. Teachers’ roles may change as new technologies are introduced, but teachers fill vital roles that technology cannot. Technology tends to facilitate teaching, often by taking over routine tasks or by making interaction more interesting, engaging, and efficient, but when it comes to skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, or tenacity, teachers tend to become more, rather than less, necessary as new technology is introduced. Kids need the type of person-to-person interaction they get from a teacher (empathy, discussion, day-to-day and minute-to-minute adjustments to a class’s uniqueness, etc.) and these aren’t things technology is like to ever replicate.

    There’s a good article on this topic on the World Bank’s Edutech page: They focus on education in developing countries, but I think many of the issues and concerns surrounding technology in the classroom are consistent around the globe.


  2. Hi Amy!

    To answer your question, I cant help but think about the future relationship between humans and technology. As time goes on, people are becoming more dependent on technology, therefore we feel its our duty to keep up the pace with this fast growing market. Incorporating technology into our future classrooms is inevitable. Part of me likes to think that teachers will remain the stronghold in the classroom, but as I’ve come to learn about the variety of tech tools available for educators, I cant help but sway over into thinking that computers might just devolve teachers because of their accessibility, affordability in some higher socioeconomic districts, just to name a few. I feel you bring up a good question and its defiantly worth thinking about.

    Here is an article I came across that discusses more in depth the relationship of teachers and computers


  3. The first thing that came to mind when I read your question was that ‘evolution of man’ image where the crouching monkey eventually turns into a walking man, but then goes back to crouching over a computer desk! To answer your question, I don’t think technology will devolve teachers as long as it’s used appropriately in the classroom. In my opinion, technology can never completely replace a teacher because the role educators play in a classroom is so huge. Teachers are not only responsible for “teaching”, they act as role models, leaders, and inspirational/motivational figures in students’ lives. Something that technology can never do. I think the key is to use technology when it helps support a lesson, not when it completely runs over the lesson. As this article below puts it, “technology is not the lesson, it is there to enhance the lesson.”


  4. Thanks Amy! I’m in the same boat! 🙂

    Your question is very similar to the one asked by Max so I’ll link the same article I left him, plus find an additional one for you.

    Although technology is rapidly changing, growing and becoming evermore present in the classroom, I still don’t believe that technology will completely displace teachers. AI can never reproduce the personal, human interaction that a human educator can provide and this type of interaction is necessary. Having a classroom full of diverse students that is led by a teacher creates a more dynamic and engaging classroom that can provide exposure to hands-on learning, public speaking and interpersonal skills. In addition, most kids require an educator that will recognize their individual academic and personal needs. Today’s students are diverse learners with diverse needs.

    Here’s a Huffington Post 2013 article supporting this viewpoint:

    And here’s a more recent 2016 article from The Guardian:


  5. I don’t believe teachers will be devolved because technology is a tool in education to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Teachers integrate technology to improve students learning and helping communicate with the world. So, technology might change the primary task of teachers, but will never replace them. Technology will always need teachers to improve, grow and correct it. Technology itself can never be compared with the capacities and abilities of the human being. I know that teachers who are not prepared in technology will be replaced for teachers who are using their knowledge of technology in the students’s learning. Here is a link to website where many discuss the ongoing debate of teachers and technology.


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