Connected Educator

Twitter Chat:     I went into the twitter chat thinking I would not like it at all.  And initially getting started was not all that straight forward.  I wasn’t quit sure how to get twittering until I just went and tried.  To find our group I had to search our ‘hash-tag’, that took a little time.  The “search” was hidden right in front of me and once that was found I was under way.  Once under way I had great fun with it.  I learned from this experience that you should try something new and not poo poo it until you’ve given it an honest effort.  This class pushed me into an area I probably would not have tried on my own.  I also learned that the tweets were spontaneous and to the point.  In the future I think I would use twitter in a group setting again.  That was very useful.  Maybe connect with group members on a project.  It could be a really useful tool.

Connecting with Classmates on Social Media/Blog:    Following the four individuals I choose on Twitter was the easiest part.  Getting them connected on LinkedIn was more of a challenge for me.  Apparently at one time in my history I had already made an account.  There were so many people on it that I became dismayed.  LinkedIn doesn’t appear to be very user friendly.  For example, I couldn’t find an easy way to remove people that I did not want on my site anymore.

Participating on my classmates blogs was a pleasure.   Accessing their blogs was simple and leaving a comment in response to their questions was an exercise in communication with my future colleagues.  ITSE blogs posts by my classmates I connected with on social media was as follow;

Rob Browning – Question: Class, do you all feel that student-centered learning is something that will become the standard or do you think that the traditional teacher-centered classrooms?  Resource shared: Here’s a pdf I found that could show some research on the subject;

Tamara Moody – Question: To other EDUC422 students, in which Standard could you use the most improvement?  Resource shared: Here’s a site I found.

Lilly Rivas – Question: Although it is true that digital technology is the future of education, do you believe that the use of so much technology can have a downside in educating students?  Resource shared: Take a peak at this wiki about this subject.

Leticia Espitia – Question: What would you advise to mature-adults who are scared of technology?  Resource shared: Here a link to a you tube video just for adult computer learners with ESL.

The activities we were asked to participate in this week with social media are directly covered under the standards given in the ITSE.  The last standard most directly speaks to me when taking part in this social media projects such as this in our class.  It advocates for professional growth, that occurs when teachers are committed to the continual growth, maturity and leadership of all other users and participants in this global technology.